M always wore two gold necklaces that would get tangled up in each other. Her messy brown hair was always up in a bun and when she focused, she’d run her fingers through the bits between the bun and her scalp. Sometimes, she’d absent-mindedly let her hair loose and I’d catch myself glancing at herContinue reading “M.”


Reasons not to write

If I don’t write, I can exist in a haze of everyone else’s ‘content’ which is favourably short, overstimulating, loud and dopamine dense because isn’t that what the algorithm tells us we should want these days If I don’t write, it means I don’t have to face the bitter in the bittersweet, the sadness inContinue reading “Reasons not to write”


imagine i was invested; probably be interestin’ for you So much of this text is born from trying to transmute a complex, coloured thickness contained between the walls of my chest into words. In those gaps between thoughts I find increasingly that beauty is born. There it lives; in the split second between in theContinue reading “Nuance”


I have not abandoned you. I just don’t know what to write when I don’t know my own weary soul with any real conviction anymore. Are these words worth anything?The confidence of being young is weathered away by the humility that continues to be instilled by all of life in this strange world whose densityContinue reading “Slow”


Writer’s block is more akin to self-block. It’s been going on for almost three months and I sense it like the fear response a deer embodies when confronted by a lion. Except the lion is inside the deer and the deer is effectively running away from itself. I want to shy away from looking atContinue reading “Deer”

Things I’m learning

This is just a quick one really. It wanted to start life as an Evaristo inspired art-prose with minimal punctuation and maximal effect. But a quick check-in reveals that said blog is still growing and not ready to be birthed. So today, I choose this one. *Correction*. This one chose me. Bullet points feel fitting.Continue reading “Things I’m learning”


It’s only really my second proper time doing Breathwork. I’ve never been to an actual class or even incorporated it into my life as much as I know I should. Both times, I’ve used the programme “Breathe” by Leeor Alexandra (I’ll link it at the bottom, it is transformative) Once I’ve laid on the matContinue reading “Breathe”


Trigger warning: the following post will speaks about suicidal ideation. I have written before that rock bottom is a place with which I am deeply familiar. But the truth of the matter is that I’ve really only been there once, for just over a year from about July 2017 until August of the following year.Continue reading “Hope”


Holistic: characterised by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Much of my internal thought processes which continue to assimilate, brew and reintegrate as months go by are focused on purpose; specifically my purpose. I’ve come to see that purpose as service– to beContinue reading “Holistic”