We are the heart wearers.

This is dedicated to MC, my kindred spirit, soul sister and real sister on the other side of the world. Thank you for making me realise that being the person I am is not just okay, but a cause for celebration. I love you more than any form of writing could possibly convey.

We are the heart wearers.
That is to say we are the men and women of this earth whose bare souls live not in an enclosed space, firmly anchored within our chest walls, but on our sleeves, exposed only too heavily to the all too cold breath of the world.
When we love, we love with a passion so overwhelming that it drowns those who dive in it… And drenches those who dip a toe in it.
Either way, no one leaves unaffected.
When we laugh, it is a laughter so full bodied that it rolls up from the pits of our stomachs and washes over our every cell.
When we feel, we do it with an authenticity that too few can comprehend, let alone emulate.
We are, by nature… writers. Painters. Not always musicians, but composers. To create, for us, is to bypass existence and truly live.
We are the humans who force ourselves to engage in a meditation practice because the force of our thoughts sweeps our minds to places woefully far from the present.
Consequently; we are the ones who forget if we’ve shampooed our hair every time we take a shower.
Human connection is both our Achilles heel and our almighty strength. We crave conversation like a drug, we seek knowledge like a scientist, we pretend to hate drama but we know the world is our theatre.
Through the nib of a pen or the click of a keyboard, we will pour our every feeling onto scraps of paper, corners of napkins, volumes of diaries and plaster them all over the Internet.
Our families will forever roll their eyes at us in pure exasperation, questioning why the universe had to lump them with such emotional creatures.
People call us idealists because compassion is the foundation of all we think and all we do.
People call us suggestible because we know how to let ourselves be swept off our feet.
People call us wonderful because when we are happy, we throw it around like no one’s business.
Sometimes, we fear ourselves. We fear how huge we are. We seek to control our surroundings because we are such free spirits that we shiver at the thought of just letting it all go.
We are the heart wearers.
And because of our openness, our honesty, our intensity of feeling and our readiness to confess our deepest musings, you fear you might break us. You fear you might hurt us.
You fear that our depth of feeling makes us ever so vulnerable.
But we don’t break. You can rip our hearts off our sleeves and crush them, yet each time you do, we inevitably rise from the dust- healed, whole and ever ready to love again.
In all the ways we did before… and more.
We live in a world where we are conditioned not to expose ourselves in the way that we do. In a society that equates strength of character to nonchalance, we fail in every respect.
Yet the bright day eventually dawns upon us with a fresh realisation that our strength of character lies in the the trait most instinctive to us: to love, without all that much fear.
We are the heart wearers.
Let us stop denying ourselves.
If the world is our theatre, let us fill ourselves with liquid sunshine, take centre stage and infect the earth with our near-sickening enthusiasm for life.
Fade to black.

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  1. Beena says:

    At the first sentence I guessed who it is. Great piece. You are what you are. We love you like that. We don’t want anything else from you


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