I know you’re there.

I know you’re there.

I don’t know what your name is and I don’t know what you look like, but sheer faith in my own intuition tells me that I will recognise you, in that impeccably timed moment that the universe thrusts you into my forcefield.

You will breezily emulate every quality I dream of with gentle, effortless ease.

I imagine you to be the calm sea to my ever-brewing storm. I imagine kindness and compassion to be the foundation of every thought and action, embedded so deeply into your essence that it mirrors my own, unrivalled. I believe this means that we will understand each other on a fundamental level.

I want you to challenge me, push me past the realms of fear and stare at vision boards with me with not a hint of misunderstanding. I want you to be in awe at the fire I bring to the table. I anticipate solid, unwavering support when that fire quietly diminishes into burning embers through the frosty cold winds of life… while we reap the fruits of its re-ignition when it brightens up again.

You’re so confident. I love that about you. You’re so secure in who you are that you respect me on every level for who I am. I love the way you handle my presence but don’t hesitate to shoot me down when I need it. I love how honest you are.

Our every heated argument rages with the healthiest kind of anger… but never resentment.

You make me laugh in a way that borders on indulgent.

You talk about your family the same way I talk about mine.

The period where we are lost in each other means far less to me than the endless stretch of time beyond that where soulful companionship is what gives us integrity. We are more than sweeping passion and less than lazy comfort. We personify balance.

I am already craving you… because all other bitter disappointments from the past will lead up to the moment of sheer clarity where I will just know.

I know you are there. I don’t miss you. I’m not even waiting for you. I’m just enjoying this period of discovery that is about to lead me to you, in exactly the right time.



  1. I love this 🙂


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