Don’t leave my side

Don’t leave my side baby,
Pull me in closer and wrap me
in the love I should give myself
Hold me as I am too afraid
of me

What happens when I venture
into the dark depths of the hotel room
Where the demons and monsters prey on my vulnerability
poking fun,
saying things
about uselessness,

And then the rush
from recalling the scratch
of a small blade across my upper left arm
inner thigh
burning with intent,
but this hurts more than that.

Baby please don’t go,
I know fun is merely yards away
I know where you want to be
but the inner sense of okay
is absent, buried
deep, deep down
and I can’t find it.

I’m stripped of my armour,
you are my only shield
Baby, just five more minutes.




  1. ruminisce says:

    Bless you…such beautiful, yet sad, poignancy. I love the way you write X

    Liked by 1 person

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