Written word

If you know me… try and read it like I’m saying it. No. Performing it. Love, Gowri x

The voice without words

This is not a poem
or a piece of spoken word
or a shard my heart
penned down to be heard
by you
for you
about you
or any of the others
who cracked me open
‘til composure was broken
These words are the crumbs
that have fallen off my soul
so the universe may fill
the remaining hole
with light.


It all starts with love
which flows as rivers, doused
in your essence
and yours… and yours
through my infrastructure,
sheer pressure of its tears
forcing out my eyes
until I am blind
and I fall to the ground
on all fours, feeling
for whatever is around
to help when I am helpless
and whilst on my knees
I stay
I pray
and receive nothing short
of clarity, solidarity
and the deep seated knowing
of my inner guide glowing
what Rumi called
the voice without words
was no longer quiet
she screamed.

You are whole
you are one
you cannot break
they cannot break you
they have never come close
they never will
you great thing of beauty
you phenomenon of love
you model of integrity
you are what is right
you are the light
they only see your worth
when you are gone
they crave your presence
when they’re crushed by your absence
it’s your calling, my dear
to see it now
revel in it
live in it
love in it
do not apologise, my dear
for you are so strong
so very complete
that another repeat
of life’s rock bottom
is a place of peace,
of pure release
where the outcome of surrender
favours you above all.
Go forth without fear, my dear
for there is nothing to be afraid of.


-Gowri Nair




  1. Miss K X says:

    I love your poetry…this is speaking to me today X


    1. gowrinair1 says:

      Never forget the part you played in igniting my passion for words.


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