I went to a yoga class today and something phenomenal happened. This isn’t something that’s particularly easy to articulate. I connected with something that I know to be greater than me. A universal life force energy that exists within all of us and works through us, connecting us infinitely across space and time. Other times I’ve felt this: whilst on magic mushrooms and once when I meditated in my bedroom. As I lay in Savasana I felt a ball of emotion rise up within me as the connectedness spread through all my cells and released itself in floods of tears. This is only my second yoga class (after years). At the end, the beautiful instructor, with my permission, hugged me and said… “When people cry in Savasana, I congratulate them because it means they’ve connected to something deep within”, she put her hands together, “Congratulations. Don’t intellectualise it. Go home, you’ll have a great night’s sleep. Drink plenty of water. We’ve moved a lot of stagnant energy today. Oh… and DON’T say sorry. Just let it be”.

The scientific way in which society and my career moulds my thought patterns are starkly different from the way the spiritual and intuitive aspects of my being think. I’ve developed beliefs over much reading, researching, soul searching, journaling and staring into crystals that resonate far more with who I am. This is a part of me whom I’ve hidden away in a spiritual, metaphysical closet somewhere deep in my mind in order to conform to the thoughts I am expected to have… especially as a doctor.

In medical school we were taught physiology (how the body works) and pathophysiology (what happens when it goes wrong) and then pharmacology (how drugs interact with the body to target the illness). I cannot help but have a totally different viewpoint, yes, even as a doctor. Of course, at this moment in time, this viewpoint is in the spiritual closet and purely personal. I don’t share it because I don’t want to lose credibility as a physician and I also don’t think people are ready to hear it.

Disease. The state of dis-ease.

One thing I was never really taught about is the concept of energy and the vibrational forcefield continuously emitted by conscious beings. This is something I’m coming to learn about on my own and have devoted much of my spare time over the last several years to expand on. I believe that all illness, even the most tragic, begins in the mind and the spirit. It all comes back to energy. When we internalise the deep levels of negative energy that have become a norm in our society, it works in the background. It makes our cells do things that isn’t normal for them. And our bodies attempt to compensate until we fall into a state of… dis-ease.

You can imagine why this opinion is so unpopular.

Are you telling me my mom’s cancer is her fault?

No. Absolutely not. What I am doing is gently asking whether your mom had a really tough life growing up that totally wasn’t her fault? Or if she had past lives from which she carried karmic baggage that totally wasn’t her fault? Awareness is a privilege. If we could start becoming aware of what’s really going on in the world, be more discerning about what we take as truth, more selective about the media we consume, maybe we could all begin to tune into the voice within ourselves. The one who always knows what we need and exactly what the answer is. It’s only by making and holding the space for that voice that we can begin to truly connect with ourselves and the life force energy (the universe, God, source, whatever works for you), have more revelations in yoga practice, engage in spiritual upkeep and hygiene, go to therapy, cry plenty and release the stagnant energy of traumas past, of lives past and of all that isn’t of service to us in order to truly achieve holistic health, wellness and prevent dis-ease.

But for now, blog, that’s an opinion between you and me. Maybe one day, this idea will make it into mainstream medicine and the spiritual physician that is me will finally be validated.


Dr Gowri x


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