My hair is short. My life: abundant. Joy tickles my skin. If fear is the fabric of a day like today then I will stitch it with faith as I leave it at your feet. Because of you- my laughter is thick and my soul; alive. My feet are the roots that grow deep in your forest. My words are the wild and fragrant flowers, rising from the soil that you lovingly tended to in this raw, vibrant, delicious realm of reality.

In this very moment I give it all to you. You; for whom the flames kiss the wick and the smoke swirls into the ether each morning. You; who brought me today, who will gift me with tomorrow. You; with whom I co-create.

Thankyou for making me wild again.



  1. aziza says:

    Reading the previous post, “feelings” was painful but this one.. made me cry. I wish I can give you a big tight hug! I’ll be praying for you, wishing you all the wonderful things this year. ❤

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    1. gowrinair1 says:

      You are the most beautiful soul. I hope you know that.


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