I crave the sweet music of women who circle as I inhale fresh gulps of summer until my lungs expand with abundant joy.

I want to run through fields of wild flowers, dropping loops of consciousness beneath multicoloured skies.

In my dreams I fly to red rocks and harmonise with souls who retreat alongside mine. I feel the ground on my knees as I surrender to the power within and without, rested in my knowledge of the oneness of all that is.

Today I live to adorn new walls until they claim me. I lay low and think of being held and filled and the delight of it. I’ll drink wine and burn candles in the bottles and dance, naked and alone to the voices of divine feminine song.

I’m parched with thirst that can be quenched only the nectar of goddesses before me.

Let me run and let me dance. The doors of the cage are flung wide open and I’m ready to drink life’s intoxicating medicine with a rich, expansive and stunning vitality I felt in my cells on the day you set me free.

thank you


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