Recently, the yoga studio has been the only place I fit in

It’s been two days short of two months since I moved to Sutton Coldfield. The foliage takes on a burnt orange hue, the rain is unrelenting and the morning air is thick with October chill. I’m no stranger to the idea that settling into a new place takes time. But flip me, is it takingContinue reading “Recently, the yoga studio has been the only place I fit in”



I went to a yoga class today and something phenomenal happened. This isn’t something that’s particularly easy to articulate. I connected with something that I know to be greater than me. A universal life force energy that exists within all of us and works through us, connecting us infinitely across space and time. Other timesContinue reading “Energy”


I miss you Berlin. I miss each hot, sweet sip of your fresh liberation. I miss the sweat of the U-bahn pulling into the platform. I miss the effortless sex appeal of loose clothes, the glimpse of a tattoo just above your elbow. The way you make my spine tingle; my juices rush. I missContinue reading “</3”

Goodbye Berlin

Another night. Another beer. Another hipster bar complete with urban greenery and string lights. My chest is tight and my heart, a little heavy. I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation, the beer or the fact that I spent the majority of my day soaking my brain in weird art in various galleries across Augustsraße.Continue reading “Goodbye Berlin”

Hello from Berlin

I wake up in my airbnb room and I’m desperate to pee. I’ve already snoozed my alarm twice. The whole point of not going out last night was to wake up fresh AF today and I already screwed it. Then the beautiful fact hits me once more. I’m travelling alone. I have absolutely no fuckingContinue reading “Hello from Berlin”


Written July 2018 and published April 2019 on pure whim because pain is a real thing You know. One day I’m gonna be too much and you might leave me. I think that every time I tell you about these breakdowns. Before- I was so paralysed with fear that I couldn’t even tell you aboutContinue reading “Raw “

On Pain.

Written April 2016 and published 3 years on 48 hours. Phase 2. The vulnerability is tearing me apart. This depth of feeling is not something I have experienced with this level of intensity in years. I forgot how this felt. I forgot the feeling of falling, with all its fear and helplessness, where you look aroundContinue reading “On Pain.”