A chuckle escapes me as I can only anticipate the flurry of blogging activity that is about to ensue this New Year’s Eve. It’s quite nice actually. Thinking of all the writer folk in our enigmatic world sitting in their writing holes with their mugs of tea, musing and reflecting and pondering and poring andContinue reading “2017”


My best friend 

It’s not an abstract title. This is literally a post about my best friend.  It’s largely inspired by the fact that I’ve seen her for the first time in about a year and our conversations are so sporadic that we fully miss the intricacies of each other’s lives. I have known her over a decadeContinue reading “My best friend “


There’s a writer who goes by the name of Sherry Ashworth. She wrote the kind of teen fiction that you read on your sofa and not your toilet seat. (I read a lot of Cathy Hopkins on my toilet seat). I have to confess, I’ve only read one of Sherry’s books. It’s called ‘Paralysed’. It’sContinue reading “Writing”

The Chinese Cat

It is way past my bedtime. I’ve thrown one window open and the fresh December air is washing out the stagnant remains of the day from my room. I can hear the rain outside. Its notes are super soothing. My eyelids are heavy with a welcoming exhaustion. I can barely type but much like theContinue reading “The Chinese Cat”


In meditation I had this vision that I will transform into poetry like an alchemist turns lead into gold. Interdependence You are sitting on a hard wooden chair steeped in darkness you cannot make out the floor from the walls is there even a ceiling? is this a vacuum? The laws that govern the universeContinue reading “Interdependence”

Written word

If you know me… try and read it like I’m saying it. No. Performing it. Love, Gowri x The voice without words This is not a poem or a piece of spoken word or a shard my heart penned down to be heard by you for you about you or any of the others whoContinue reading “Written word”

Don’t leave my side

Don’t leave my side baby, Pull me in closer and wrap me in the love I should give myself Hold me as I am too afraid of me What happens when I venture into the dark depths of the hotel room Alone? Where the demons and monsters prey on my vulnerability pouncing, poking fun, sayingContinue reading “Don’t leave my side”